Asari Dokubo Desperate, Wants Tompolo’s Contract

Asari Dokubo, a former militant who was the head of a Niger Delta faction allegedly known for blowing up major pipelines owned by the International Oil Companies (IOCs), recently held a press briefing where he stated that he is ready to volunteer to secure the offshore oil pipelines, a job that his fellow ex-militant, Tompolo has been involved in with some oil producing firms and NGOs.

In a move that seems like a desperate bid for a contract, Asari Dokunbo alleged that the Military were behind the major oil theft heist in the country. This seems to be a sudden show of patriotism and love for the newly elected president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

His former friend now turned foe, Tompolo, is believed to be currently involved in some security projects with IOCs

In the last 3months, the organisation for petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) confirmed that Nigeria has recorded an increase in its oil production volumes

Asari, an ex-militant, is no stranger to controversy. He took a swipe at the end sars protest and protesters which took place in 2020, describing it with condemning terms and blaming the protesters.

What lies ahead for the Niger Delta people as the two of their sons lock horns!?

Will Asari succeed again in blackmailing the Government?

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