Sweden Declares Sex As A Sport, Tournament Begins June 8

Sweden has become the first country in the world to make sex an official sport as it is set to host the first-ever European Sex Championship in Gothenburg on 8th of this month.

According to report, the championship, which will take place under the guidance of the Swedish Sex Federation, will go on for six weeks with participants engaging in sexual activities under 16 disciplines including seduction, oral sex, penetration and more.

The duration will vary depending on the match. However, some reports said that the competitions can go on for as long as six hours a day.

The championship is set to witness the participation of 20 people from different countries, as per initial registrations.

The winners will be decided by a panel of three judges as well as audience ratings.

While the panel of judges determine the winners, the audience will also have an impact on the final decisions.

The audience will also be able to observe several aspects of the sexual activity aside from influencing the judges’ decisions. This Factors include, the chemistry between the couples, sex knowledge, and endurance levels will be considered in deciding on the winners.

The organizers took it upon themselves to stress the importance of keeping participants safe and healthy throughout the sex competition. They made sure the participants underwent necessary medical check-ups and secured consent prior to the competition.

The sex competition’s announcement in Sweden has elicited different reactions from the public all over the globe.

While some persons were excited, others were curious about how it would work. There were also those who found the event distasteful, implying that it promoted objectification and trivialized intimacy between couples.

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