Labour Party Braces Up For A Fight With BAT In A Leaked Memo 



After due consultations and extensive deliberation on critical issues that requires urgent attention, the LP National Caucus considered and agreed to the underlisted resolutions, pursuant to the strategic reclamation of our stolen presidential mandate, vis a vis the illegal swearing-in plot slated for May 29, 2023.

1. The message that LP won the 2023 presidential election must be maintained and escalated as key to continue inspiring followers and sustaining sponsorship. Members should be bold to say that LP actually won the presidential election anywhere they are.

2. Provide logistics for continuous diaspora engagement in view of increased protests in their various countries of residence, especially UK, US, China, Germany and Rome where they already have strong coordinators to amplify global awareness and sympathy for the Labour Party as the struggle continues.

We decided to skip Dubai considering that government policy in the area may not permit protests of such nature. We also agreed that the sum of $50,000 dollars should be allocated for renewed protests in each of the selected countries to encourage more people who may not want to skip their job allowances to protest without compensation.

3. There is urgent need to renew the contract and hotel accommodation of our strategists in the hotel because many of them are already showing signs of disenchantment due to inadequate funding.

4. Media attacks on the APC president elect Chief Bola Tinubu and his Vice Alhaji Kashim Shettima must be sustained so as to deepen the hatred against them across Nigerian states, since they are bent on going ahead with the inauguration against our wish.

5. The time has come to organize a fundraiser for the task ahead, part of which shall be used to offset the bills of the media consultants without whom our principal and the party stand to lose many supporters who rely so much on their regular updates.

6. In case Bola Ahmed Tinubu succeeds in being sworn in on May 29th 2023, we shall draw a four-year plan to discredit his administration. Provision must be made for monthly settlement of the touts and other unemployed youths working for us on social media by paying them monthly stipends for media attacks on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Gov Nyesom Wike, Prof Wole Soyinka especially the Chief Justice of Nigeria so that by the time our matter gets to the Supreme court they will be afraid to mess with us. Note however, that the media attackers would simply stop work and disperse if there is no provision for their upkeep.

7. The party leadership should be conscious about disclosing the amount of money realized from the sale of forms and donations since we cannot afford to unveil everything and be working empty-handed, especially now that people are raising eyebrows, just like the factional Chairman of Anambra chapter Mr Peter Okoye is querying about the sum of ₦400 million in the custody of our national chairman Mr Julius Abure.

8. The next National Chairman of Labour Party must come from Anambra state after Abure so that our leader can have full control of the party.

9. The media team to also concentrate on contents that will jeopardize the chances for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, failing which attention could be shifted from our principal to him.

10. The leadership must continuously engage and financially support those that helped the party during the elections, like NLC and TUC. More so the vehicles promised to the presidents of these two organizations should be released immediately in order to sustain the political relationship between them and the party.

11. The promises made to the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Most Rev. Callistus Valentine Onaga, Awka Most Rev Paulinus Ezeokafor, and Owerri Most Rev. Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, should be redeemed forthwith so that we can continue to enjoy their loyalty in political matters.

12. The total amount in our custody at the moment is N4.2 billion naira in Union Bank, N6 billion in First Bank and N8.7 billion in Fidelity Bank, while the foreign currency remains with her Excellency Margaret Obi.

13. Propaganda team to escalate attacks on the Chief Justice of Nigeria Olukayode Ariwoola as key to persuade him to envisage the security implications of delivering judgement against our candidate. They would equally launch attacks on his family, search for his children anywhere they are in the world and launch mob action against them until justice is served in favour of our great party.

We look forward to your speedy inputs and responses in the area of bankrolling renewed media attacks as proposed. This aspect of the committee’s proposal is very crucial to intensifying media attacks on specific targets as stated above, considering the need to denigrate unfriendly politicians especially Govs Wike, Umahi and Uzodimma.

Additionally, we considered the need to service and expand the party structure and equally came up with a proposal for monthly contributions to the party as follows:

1. State House of Assembly Members: Two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000)

2. Federal House of Representatives Members: Five hundred thousand naira (N500,000).

3. Senators: One million naira (N1,000,000).

4. The Governor of Abia State: Thirty million naira (N30,000 000).

Looking at the political situation of the country at the moment, all LP members should continue to address Peter Obi as Mr President.

Meanwhile the Caucus is also proposing a meeting of key stakeholders of the party every 3 months to review compliance and effectiveness of action plan. This is to enable the body plan in view of the task ahead.

* Note that this is an internal memo, therefore not meant for public consumption, including your aides and staff. You are only required to review and forward your observations and contributions via this WhatsApp group.

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